Sunday, August 07, 2011

Yet Another October in Orlando

It's time for another pilgrimage to the Land of Mouse in mid-October. For those of you keeping track:

  • October 2001 - We go with my In-Laws to the Marriott Vacation Club sales pitch. They were supposed to just listen.
  • 2002 - Christopher is born. No trip.
  • October 2004 - I celebrate my **th birthday @ the Magic Kingdom. First trip to Typhoon Lagoon. First MNSSHP. (What, you can't use Google?)
  • October 2006 - The trip we don't remember...
  • July 2008 The change-up. We celebrate Missy's birthday in Orlando, because it's not like she gets Parades and Fireworks every year on her birthday </sarcasm>
  • August 2010 - On property(!) at the Disney Beach Club Resort.
  • October 2011 - First stay at the new timeshare.

This trip will be a little different. For the first time, the boys will be missing significant school. (Nick did miss a week of first grade in 2006, but this year it's middle school.) Missy & Jan are confident that they can keep the boys from falling too far behind.

This year we are not driving (exactly); we are taking the Auto-Train. I think even Christopher is through his "train years", but I'm still excited.

This year we are staying at the "odd year" timeshare for the first time. (Explaining the timeshare situation deserves a long post all to itself.) The suites should be nice although we will miss having en suite jacuzzi tubs. The pool is supposed to be great for kids.

Our first day there we plan to hit the opening day of Legoland Florida. The hard choice is whether to buy the one day ticket or to spring for Annual Passes. (The break-even point appears to be two visits.)

Speaking of tickets, another first is that I'll be getting a WDW Annual Pass. Let the fabulous cascade of perks and discounts begin!</sarcasm2>

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Melissa Katano said...

Hey! Your parents could have timed your birthday so that you get parades and fireworks....not like you don't get lots of cheap candy for *your* birthday....