Tuesday, July 09, 2013

My Top Seven (Plus One) Disney Resources

I've been meaning to put up this list for years. Here are my favorite Disney Planning Resources.

 1. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (Bob Sehlinger & Len Testa)

 The Unofficial Guide is written by a team of independent fans who try to give a "warts and all" view of the parks. It is full of excellent advice on squeezing the most out of a WDW vacation. The best part of the book are the park touring plans which are designed to get you through the most rides with the least amount of waiting.

 2. Passporter Guide to Walt Disney World (Jennifer Marx)

 I purchased this by accident - I actually wanted the Disney Cruise Line guide. The things that set this guide apart are the laminated park maps, and the great organizer (with pockets!) in the back of the book.

 3. The DIS Unplugged Podcast (http://www.disunplugged.com)

This fantastic podcast is put on by the staff at Dreams Unlimited Travel, an Orlando, FL based travel agency specializing in Disney vacations.

 4. WDW Today Podcast (http://www.wdwtoday.com)

Len Testa, of the Unofficial Guide and TouringPlans.com, is a regular on this podcast. So, their recommendations on crowd levels and wait times are spot-on. Their other advice is hit-or-miss. Their sponsor is All-Star Vacation Homes.

 5. All Ears (http://www.allears.net)

Great place to find park information: hours, closures, menus, prices, schedules, reviews and more. It is much easier to navigate this site than it is to find information on the official site.

 6. The DIS Boards Forum (http://www.wdwinfo.com/chat.htm)

A huge discussion board for everything Disney. It is run and moderated by those Dreams Unlimited guys. You will find loads of first hand information from fellow Disney fans & "guests".

 7. Touring Plans (http://www.touringplans.com)

Len Testa, the creator of the touring plans in the Unofficial Guide, runs this website. Here you can get updated touring plans or create your own customized touring plans. They publish crowd estimates and predict wait times. If you want to minimize your time in the lines, you must use this site.

 +1: The Walt Disney World website (http://disneyworld.disney.go.com)

When it's time to buy tickets or make reservations, it's time to go to the source. (Unless you are using a travel agency. I should cover that in a future post...)

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