Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Tao of Disney

Ever since I named this blog, I've intended to post advice on visiting Walt Disney World.  Having just returned from our 2013 trip, I have a lot of ideas still fresh in my mind so I'll see how many I can type out before running out of steam.

I'll start with my Disney Park Philosophy. Your park ticket entitles you to be in the park(s) for 8-16 hours (depending on the park and time of year). Unless you are a teenager with infinite energy, you will only enjoy the first four hours or so before you wear out and need a break. Leave the park. Have a leisurely lunch. Take a nap. Go for a swim. If you recharge your batteries, you can go back into the parks for another 4 hours of fun.  Or, you can stay in the park the whole time and your last four hours will be complete misery. Especially if you are not using a touring plan and spend your time in one of those two hour lines.

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